Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dog Park?

There been a lot of talk about a downtown dog park recently. A dog park is a fine idea yes, but one in downtown isn't. Here is why.

How many dogs really live downtown? And how many of those owners would be willing to either walk their dogs across 7th st/7th ave to get their dogs to the park? Even less would be willing to drive them with the packed parking spaces around ASU downtown.

Temporary. Would it be better to take the time and money to convert an empty lot to a dog park, just to be replaced by the ASU law school (or another ASU facility) in a few years? The city doesn't have that kind of disposable income anymore. Before you say "It wouldn't cost that much," think of the costs of the construction of the fencing, installation of the grass and other plants, placement of benches, dog/human water fountains, poop bag stands, etc. (if there was a grant that took care of this, fine) This is Phoenix folks, things don't last very long here. That is the nature of the beast.

Green. One of the biggest reasons people seem to want this is because they want green space downtown. Green space? People, come on, please. There are plenty of parks in downtown already. University, Verde, Grant, Civic Space, Hance park. These are all within walking distance of downtown/downtown communities. (I'd put money on the fact that downtown people wouldn't set foot in Grant park though)

It's hip. Mayor Gordon shouldn't bow down just because this is the hip issue with a cool twitter hashtag. The creation of a new committee is just a waste of time and money, and the city does not and should not waste its time with it. I've served on plenty of committees in my life, and I've seen very little productivity come out of it.

Its been talked about before. I remember when I was apart of the planning of the ASU downtown campus way back when the Newsroom and the Taylor rowhouses still stood. (If you don't know either of those, stop acting like you're "downtown." Going to Sens and shopping at the public market don't make you "downtown.") The idea was floated, well thrown out, and it was met with opposition, from ASU people and the other members of the committee.

There you go. The idea is good, but it shouldn't happen. Downtowners need to discover Hance and the other parks around downtown before the request something new.


Sean D. Sweat November 24, 2010 at 8:32 AM  

I'm afraid each of those 5 points are misinformed. Contact me for coffee (or better, drinks) if you'd like to chat about the different angles.
sean [dot] sweat [at] gmail

Cory November 24, 2010 at 8:46 AM  

Interesting read but no depth to the points of view and built on some assumptions that don't hold up (e.g. number of dogs downtown, need to cross 7th or 7th to reach dog park, accessibility to Hance or other parks, that law school will actually be built on that property within 5 years, etc.)

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